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Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Arms Are Incredibly Toned in New Throwback Photo on Instagram

She swears by swimming and yoga for sculpted biceps and triceps at 52.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, just shared a new throwback photo to Instagram, showing off her sculpted arms.
  • In the picture, the Chicago star looks stunning while wearing a pink lace slip dress with spaghetti straps.
  • Zeta-Jones previously opened up about her fitness routine, swearing by swimming, yoga, and cardio for staying fit.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones just won the internet with her latest Instagram. In the post, the actress shared a throwback photo from when she was younger, and the Chicago star looks stunning as always, and also incredibly toned.

    The celeb, soon to star in Disney+’s National Treasure series, wears a pink lace slip dress with thin spaghetti straps in the photo. “One week till Valentine’s Day 🥰 Reminding you now while you still have time to get the perfect gift 😉,” she wrote in the caption.

    Unsurprisingly, fans went wild in the comments section, flooding the post with fire emoji after fire emoji. “I love it the dress 😍💗💗💗,” one person wrote, while someone else commented, “GODDESS.”

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    If you're anything like us, then you're probably wondering how Catherine’s arms are so sculpted. Well, the actress previously opened up to People about her fitness routine, and the mantra she lives by? “Just keep moving,” she shared.

    Catherine says she was inspired by her father-in-law Kirk Douglas to be so active. “My father-in-law worked out every day until the day he couldn’t anymore. So for me, I think you don’t have to be an Olympian, you just have got to keep moving,” she told the outlet. “If you’re vacuuming, do it with a purpose. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. I’m always up and down, pruning the garden, watering the plants.”

    The actress likes to hit the gym too. “I’m a big, big swimmer. And, I’m doing a little bit more yoga than I usually do because it’s a fantastic mind/body workout,” she said. Zeta-Jones loves to get her cardio in on a treadmill or by walking her dog. “I just want to maintain my flexibility as much as I can, so I am really working on stretching and cardio,” she said.

    “So I think that’s my biggest push to everybody: Just keep moving,” she added.

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    As for her diet, the star told W magazine that she cuts down on alcohol and floods her body with water to keep inflammation at bay. Instead, she consumes lots of green juice and kombucha.

    For breakfast, the actress told Harper’s Bazaar that she enjoys porridge or yogurt with fruit and a coffee. Lunch is a salad full of fresh greens, and for dinner, the star opts for fish or white meat alongside some veggies.

    So, if you want sculpted arms like Catherine, it sounds like daily movement and cold press juice is the answer. Now, we’re off to get a swim in!

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