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27 Best Planners for 2022 to Help You Get Organized and Meet Your Goals

Staying on top of your monthly and weekly to-dos has never been easier.

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Getting things done is always easier said than done. We have endless tasks on our to-do lists—whether it’s meeting a deadline at work, a DIY home project, or an appointment to schedule—but only so much brain space to remember it all. The good news is that if you can talk the talk but have trouble walking the walk, a great weekly planner can make all the difference.

Writing things down not only makes the demands of working, parenting, and simply living much more manageable, but it helps you to mentally prepare yourself and create an efficient game plan for the days, weeks, and months ahead, says Justin Barterian, Ph.D., a psychologist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. “Planners allow people to improve their time management skills by identifying and minimizing inefficiencies in their schedule,” he explains. “Putting everything in a planner and allowing yourself to focus on priorities can reduce stress by making sure you hit those big-ticket items without wasting time on lower priority tasks.”

Planners don't just have to be for your weekly to-dos, either. They can be for long-term goal setting, like calling a close friend more regularly or having a game night with your family. On top of feeling satisfied when you check things off your list (which gives you “positive reinforcement,” says Barterian), you’ll feel peace of mind seeing the big picture and knowing that you’ve totally got this. And if you don’t, it’s OK. You can reschedule and start fresh the next day.

Ready to get organized in 2022? Here are the best planners to help you meet all of your goals.

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Best Monthly Planner
Maalbok 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner

This 12-month, 5-star planner is simple but powerful, and at under $16, it’s at the right price, too. Monthly tabs make it easy to navigate to the right page and each week is equipped with lined spacing so your notes and thoughts can stay tidy. It’ll get the job done, no matter what 2022 throws at you.

Best Goal-Setting Planner
Blue Sky Buzz Planner
Now 41% off

The Buzz Planner is goal-oriented, making it ideal for professionals or those who want to kick a habit. Inside its pages, you’ll brainstorm personal and professional goals and evaluate your progress each month. Be warned, though: This is a six-month planner, not a yearlong one.

Best Reusable Planner
Rocketbook Reusable Panda Planner
Now 21% off

Barterian says a planner like this, which can be edited or wiped clean with a cloth, kind of like a whiteboard, is a good option to consider, since plans can change at a moment’s notice. Plus, you can scan and digitize your plans with an app, keeping them handy even when you don’t have your planner with you.

4 Rifle Paper Co. 17-Month Planner

If you want a truly gorgeous planner, Rifle Paper Co. creates some of the most eye-pleasing stationery available anywhere. Vibrant designs, inspirational quotes, and playful stickers bring a little something special to the monthly and weekly views. And the hidden spiral binding and elastic band keep it all together.

Best Daily Planner
Daily to Dos Planner

This planner is handy for every aspect of your life, not just work. With sections for to-dos, workouts, meal prep, shopping, and gratitude, it’ll help you stay on track and find the good in even those extra-hectic days. You’ll also love the monthly habit tracker, which promotes goals like reading, hydration, and exercise.

Best Hourly Planner
Inamio Weekly Planner

Slackers, meet your new best friend. This planner is practically a personal assistant, breaking your day into half-hour increments from 7 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Barterian says hourly planners like this help you create a solid plan before you start the day and avoid the stress of spending too much time on one task.

Best 17-Month Planner
Ban.do 17-Month Academic Planner

Ban.do’s daily planner is filled with beautiful artwork, words of encouragement, and plenty of space to write your daily to-dos. On top of that, it’s sturdy enough for daily use and large enough to store notes and receipts if needed. And this thing is loaded with stickers, too—a perfect throwback to our middle school days.

8 Moleskine 18-Month Planner
Now 23% off

At 3.5 by 5.5 inches, this classic Moleskine planner is ideal for purses and pockets. You’ll get monthly and weekly overviews, plus ample space to write notes. “This is the perfect sized book that I can carry with me everywhere I go,” one Amazon buyer writes. “I pair this with my phone’s calendar and it works like a charm.”

Best Personalized Planner
Papier Demi Planner

With eight colorways and the option to add your name to the cover, Papier’s planner is a bright pick. The hardcover book, which features high-quality paper and spots for your goals, responsibilities, and wishes, is easy to tote around wherever you go—and trust us, you’ll want to show this thing off.

Best Minimalist Planner
LEUCHTTURM1917 Hardcover Weekly Planner

In 13 colors, this simple, hardcover weekly planner includes full calendar weeks with ruled notebook pages for additional notes. Plus, each planner comes with a mini removable address book and anniversaries calendar for easy remembering dates and information. One reviewer said, “This is my favorite diary format.”

Best Weekly Planner
Smart Planner Pro
smart planner

With three sizes and 10 bright colors, this planner is built for a successful year. The interior includes space for weekly reviews, hourly scheduling, notes, to-dos, habit trackers, and more. Each planner comes with a vegan leather hardcover, elastic strap closure and pen holder, bleed-proof paper, satin bookmarks, and flat lay binding.

Best Wellness Planner
Purpose Planner

This planner, notebook, and productivity log helps you plan toward achieving your goals, your bucket list, and even includes a self-care checklist. Not only is there space to plan your day-to-day but prompts help you think toward larger goal setting and help you create an achievable plan. There’s even space to log sleep, daily habits, self-care and fitness, hydration, meals, and more.

13 Lemome Store 2022 Planner
Now 10% off

The 12-month planner is as straightforward as can be, with weekly pages to write to-do lists and set a plan for the day. There’s no wonder it’s an Amazon fave with nearly 9,000 4.5 star reviews. The faux leather hardcover is extra sturdy, and calendar stickers help keep you as organized as can be.

14 2022 Wafer Agenda with Pocket

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a high-quality planner, this agenda from Smythson is your best pick. The stunning lambskin hardcover is incredibly sleek and the planner includes a slip pocket for extra papers and a week-to-view layout for easy planning.

15 The 5 Second Journal
Confidence Project Press
Now 27% off

Though this journal isn’t a traditional day-by-day scheduling tool, it is a journal that uses daily prompts to help you achieve your goals, keep your focus on daily activities, build confidence, and help you get control in your life. One reviewer said, “This is without a doubt the most effective journal I’ve ever used.”

16 The Self-Care Spiral Planner

If this year is all about you then open up this planner every day to track your schedule, goals, self-care, water intake, meals, exercise, and even your daily gratitude. Then, every month you’ll review how you’ve been doing, and plan intentions for the upcoming months.

Best Productivity Planner
Lamare Habit Tracker

For those with big goals this year, this habit tracker is a great way to track your goals and habits in the new year in a unique way. Include your daily, weekly, and monthly habit goals, mark them as accomplished and get the visual satisfaction of seeing you one step closer to achieving what you set your mind to.

18 Pocket Calendar by At-A-Glance
Now 19% off

This fantastic planner covers through December 2023 and allows for monthly overviews of your appointments and deadlines. The faux leather exterior is perfect for professionals, and its slim build is easy to toss into a briefcase or bag on the go.

19 Clever Fox Planner
Clever Fox

Open this daily planner to reveal a week-by-week calendar and space to log weekly goals, priorities, notes, to-do lists, and habits. Plus, at the end of each week, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your week’s wins and ways to improve moving forward. There’s also space to plan your full month, yearly goals, and a vision board for the year with included stickers.

20 Field Notes Planner
Field Notes

The blank pages inside the weekly planner make for a customizable schedule, with plenty of space to include notes, meetings, to-do lists, and more. The vintage-style design and small size make it easy to bring everywhere and anywhere with you.

21 SELF Journal by BestSelf
BestSelf Co.

Become your best self this year with space to plan your day, including your goals, gratitude, habits, mood, notes, wins, and more. The real star of this planner, though, is the 13-week goal planning area which allows for deep thought about upcoming motivation, potential milestones, critical drivers, and ways to stay accountable as you work through the planner and the 12-week bucket list section to set the intention to connect with others, plan for experiences, and more.

22 2022 Original Daily Planners

If the stunning designs of these planners aren’t enough to have you making a purchase, the interior monthly calendar, to-do checklist, notes section, and planning pages will. The tabbed monthly calendars make for easy organizing, goal-setting worksheets help with large-view plans, and the extras (like pockets, bookmarks, stickers, and more) help make this a fantastic pick.

23 GoGirl Planner and Organizer
Now 24% off

Designed specifically for women, this compact-sized agenda and planner helps to improve time management, productivity, and overall sense of self. Design the planner as you wish with tons of fun stickers, and get inspired to achieve your goals for the upcoming year.

24 Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo 17-Month Agenda
Lilly Pulitzer

For fans of the stunning designer Lilly Pulitzer, this floral planner has space to organize your month, week, and day with adorable customizable stickers. Bright tabs make this planner easy to navigate, and the larger size is perfect for someone looking for extra space.

25 Unsolicited Advice 2022 Weekly Planner

Each week of this planner provides “unsolicited advice” to make every day, week, and month the very best for you. With a weekly check-in area to tune into your physical and mental health, a personal space for notes, and tips for things to do (like start reading a new book) to help set goals you didn’t even know you had.

26 You Are a Badass 17-Month Planner
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Now 50% off

The deluxe organizer includes inspirational quotes, reinforced monthly tabs, and more tabs for notes, planning, and lists. Pages include weekly and monthly planners, plus daily to-do lists and boxes to check when you complete tasks. You’ll also get tons of bright stickers that include inspirational messages to keep you motivated.

27 Legend Planner
Legend Planner
Now 11% off

The included quick start guide helps point you in the right direction for achieving your goals. Each page includes space to plan your day while also including weekly goals, habit trackers, separate work and personal to-do lists, and space to reflect on weekly wins and where you can improve next week. Additionally, the monthly planning pages include space to set monthly goals and things to look forward to during the month. What makes this planner stand out is the yearly planning section that includes year goals, prompts to plan your vision for the upcoming year, and dreams for years to come.

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